We now have a server DynMap! It is accessible through the bar at the top by clicking "DynMap".

For those who do not know, DynMap is a Google Maps-like map for the server that can be viewed in a browser. It shows the whole server world, you can zoom in and out, and even type in chat.

Enjoy :D
I'm happy to announce that the server is back up! It is not up temporarily, as this is our new permanent IP address.

IP: Craftology.sly.io

Hello all,

We will be getting a new server host. This server host is not a temporary server host, it will be our permanent server host. This means once we switch, we will not be experiencing any downtimes from that point on.

I have begun the migration process. Everything made on the temporary Minecraft server WILL be saved and migrated. No data will be lost. The migration and preparation process will take a bit of time, so the server is not ready yet. I expect the server will be ready by sometime tomorrow.

The host we have chosen is very reliable, has good reviews, and has been in service for a long time. We do not need to worry about it possibly going out of business. The last host I used that went out of business was sketchy and not reliable.

Also, due to the server reset, I've left a "gift" at some players houses who were affected by this server rollback. Enjoy your present =)

When the server is up, the IP will be "craftology.sly.io".

Thanks for reading =D
~Cam (krlt)

*Also, any other 'downtime' posts will be deleted*
Server Updates


This post will be about future server updates and server news.

New Plugins
New Plugins such as Core Protect, Silk Spawners, and SleepVote will be added tonight.

Possible New Plugin Addition?
The plugin DynMap may be added to the server in the future, essentially it creates a viewable map for the server that will be accessible from the server website that shows an interactive overhead view of the whole server world.

Please click here to take the poll on whether it should be added.

Server Growth
Over the past few days, we have attracted several new players! Since Tuesday, we have gotten over 50 new unique player joins! Our maximum amount of players online was 12, however we hope over the months we will be able to expand our player base!

Server Event
We hope to soon hold our first server event! It would be a fun community-involved event that would consist of one of 4 things:
- Have the whole server play an adventure map
- Hold a tournament (PvP, Spleef, etc)
- Server "Field Trip"; Visit another server (Hypixel, etc.) and play a game there.
- Something else

Please take the poll (by clicking this)


We have released the server IP to find players to help us beta test! We will be advertising the server to server lists once we're sure we ironed out all the bugs and glitches. For now, we are releasing the server IP to our Discord server, and our server website.

Server IP: Craftology.play.ai:25590
We run on the latest version of Minecraft, (currently) 1.12

Keep in mind we are still beta testing, there is a possibility that things won't work correctly- or at all. If you found a bug, please report it to a staff member.

Happy Crafting :p
- Cam (krlt)
Craftology is a Minecraft server built off the principles of a semi-vanilla survival experience. Craftology is the result of an iteration of an old survival server I used to own, that closed down due to having things going on in my life. I plan to dedicate as much time as I can to this server and making it an enjoyable experience!

I plan to make the server revolve around the community, meaning I will try to hold community events as much as I can. I also plan to have community discussions involving new plugins that should be added and changes that should be made to better the future of the server.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please be sure to check the server out when it's finished!

Server Discord Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/ay6yH9a

- Cam (krlt) :D