Server Updates (Thu, Aug 3)

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By krlt on Aug 3, 2017 at 8:53 PM
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    Server Updates


    This post will be about future server updates and server news.

    New Plugins
    New Plugins such as Core Protect, Silk Spawners, and SleepVote will be added tonight.

    Possible New Plugin Addition?
    The plugin DynMap may be added to the server in the future, essentially it creates a viewable map for the server that will be accessible from the server website that shows an interactive overhead view of the whole server world.

    Please click here to take the poll on whether it should be added.

    Server Growth
    Over the past few days, we have attracted several new players! Since Tuesday, we have gotten over 50 new unique player joins! Our maximum amount of players online was 12, however we hope over the months we will be able to expand our player base!

    Server Event
    We hope to soon hold our first server event! It would be a fun community-involved event that would consist of one of 4 things:
    - Have the whole server play an adventure map
    - Hold a tournament (PvP, Spleef, etc)
    - Server "Field Trip"; Visit another server (Hypixel, etc.) and play a game there.
    - Something else

    Please take the poll (by clicking this)



Discussion in 'News' started by krlt, Aug 3, 2017.

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